Dear website visitors,

Thank you for visiting this website, maybe one day we will get to meet in person…

We are Jana and Uwe Vladarz and already for more than 15 years we are supervising a well-functioning family business. This business was created from the sole desire to alone decide over our lives as well as the value of our work.

Independence for us has always been and still is an interesting challenge. Collaboration in the family on business plans, creating a vision, being active together, learning together, creating successful ideas – In simple words “it's an exciting atmosphere”.
People naturally do not reach all of their set goals through their own ability alone. We ourselves are very grateful for the opportunity to exchange experiences with our friends in the international association of independent entrepreneurs. We appreciate the support that we receive, but we are also very happy to pass our experience on to others.

Today we are part of a team that consists of many extraordinary personalities. As an individual one can achieve much, but a well-functioning team can strive for those really big goals and also to implement them.